Why Crystals?

I have lived in dense urban areas for the past 7 years, in places where I could walk out my front door and go to restaurants, bars, and be around total strangers. I have gotten used to the “concrete jungle” and am quite comfortable in it. I like the energy of people and the feeling that there’s always something to do.

But then there’s NATURE. She has the beauty of magnificent mountains, powerful bodies of water, bright sunshine, and the smell of fresh rain. Theres the ocean! Thunderstorms and lightning! Wild animals! Man, isn’t nature magnificent?

I was wondering why I chose to “get into” crystals and I think a part of it is to feel closer to nature, even while living in a high rise in the middle of a city. Crystals are an easy way to feel that connection with nature. Each is beautiful and perfectly formed in its own way by this planet.

IMG_4266These are a few of the crystals in my latest delivery of inventory. I’ll be photographing each one and placing them on the site soon. 

You can hold a crystal in your hands, appreciate the beauty it contains and immediately feel connected to the planet in a simple yet powerful way. It doesn’t require sunshine, water or attention (though they do like it). They draw people in, much like the outdoors do.

Perhaps I’m also drawn to them because I have knowledge of them from a past life. But for now, what I do know is they connect me to nature and for that I am thankful.

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