‘Extra-Rutilated’ Quartz

I was processing a new batch of inventory at Sparkle Shelf (which involves unpacking, a lot of ‘ooooh-ing’ and ‘ahh-ing’), then starting the cleansing + charging process, photos, descriptions, then getting them on the site .

During this, I realized how in love I am with the really Rutilated Quartz crystals and thought I’d share them here. I love Rutilated Quartz for its intriguing and wild beauty. When you look at one, it’s hard to comprehend how the crystal grew the strands inside of it and the variety between crystals is stunning.

Metaphysically, Rutilated Quartz moves energy through your life, drawing you into new situations and out of old ruts. Do you hate your job? Are you tired of your eating habits? Do you want to meet new people or simply want something new to come into your life? Get one of these crystals and see what happens. A word of warning – sometimes change comes quickly and it can be hard to process, but if you are ready for something new, welcome it. Change is good for you!

These are a few of the Rutilated Quartz currently available on Sparkle Shelf that I am mesmerized by. Click on any of the pictures to view the crystal on the site and additional photos.

Mini Red Rutile – This guy is teeny – just an inch tall – but full of reddish rutile and tons of energy. It feels like a crystal with a lot of ‘swagger’, if there is such a thing. Since it’s so small, it makes a great pocket crystal, which will improve the bond between your energy field and the crystal energy field.


Exposed Rutile- This crystal is super unique. The back of the crystal is rough and rutile is exposed (click through to see more pics) and when you look at it from the front, you see strands of what looks like golden pony hair. It’s easy to get lost in looking at it. I love the rough and rugged nature of this crystal.


Smokey Rutile – What I love about this last crystal is how the whole quartz is smokey. It’s essentially a golden smokey quartz with incredible rutile. It’s a crystal once I picked it up, I had a hard time setting it down. It’s gorgeous.


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