Ethical Crystals

I’ve been thinking recently about how crystals are mined and where they come from. A few issues and questions arise in my mind, including:

  1. How were the crystals mined? By hand? Machine?
  2. Was the land destroyed or was its integrity maintained?
  3. What labor was used and were the workers fairly compensated?

Crystals are incredibly abundant on Earth and I don’t have a concern about depleting crystal resources on the planet, but I am concerned about how the mining practices impacted the land. I am also concerned about the labor used.

I recently bought a beautiful apophyllite crystal that came from India. Most of my crystals come from the US so I believe that those aren’t using child labor, but what about the crystal from India? What was the “cost” for that crystal to come to me in Portland, OR?

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As I think through this, I will be developing a set of standards that Sparkle Shelf adheres to in deciding what crystals we sell on this site. I want each crystal to meet a set of standards so I can ensure crystals you buy from us were mined ethically and hold the Earth and those that gather the crystals in high regards.

Because I love crystals and I love you! <3

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