Crystals and Consciousness

One of the most difficult things to figure out when working with crystals is how to “feel” a crystal’s energy.

It’s one thing to talk about the concept of energy and casually toss around that crystals help “amplify your energy”, but what does it actually mean? How do you understand the energy and use it for your benefit?

There are a few components to  ‘feeling’ a crystal’s energy so to start, I’m going to explain what I have learned and researched around the consciousness of crystals. I intend to keep this post as free of spiritual and metaphysical jargon as possible, while focusing on the practical application of crystals.

To understand crystal energy, you first have to understand they have consciousness .

I define consciousness as the energy that self guides and directs a living organism into its unique form. You can see consciousness at work in animals and plants as they self guide and grow. This same consciousness is at work in minerals as well.


As humans, we can help guide the consciousness of plants and animals around us, but they don’t require us to get involved. For example, plants grow without our help outside out home, but we can also bring them in the home and shape and impact how they grow.

By sharing your energy with a plant, the plant’s consciousness is shaped by your engagement. The size, shape and rate of growth will be directly impacted by you and the energy (time, attention, care) you give it.


An extreme example of human and plant interaction – the Japanese Maple in bonsai form.



…And a wild Japanese maple doing its own thing.








Not only do you shape the plant, but the plant shapes your existence too. Your life may be enriched through its beauty, purified air or edible/medicinal vegetation. The interaction with the plant becomes a relationship. This is even more obvious with our relationships with the animals we live with.

The same applies to crystals. They also have consciousness. They grow in distinct shapes, on their own accord and can grow into massive structures. Crystal growth isn’t as obvious to us as a house plant or a pet and once we have a crystal, we often forget that it is still a mass of teeming atoms vibrating at a specific rate. It has been removed from its natural environment so it may not have physical changes you can identify, but it is vibrating and consciously aware of its surroundings, in the same way a plant or animal would be. Side note: I  have heard reports of crystals developing new rainbows and inclusions. I haven’t verified this for myself, though. Let me know if you have experienced this! 

This consciousness has been measured by researchers and physicists. 

Harry Oldfield was a medical professional and a pioneer in the study of crystals and their scientific applications. Harry developed a photographic method called ‘polycontrast interference photography‘, or PIP. PIP allowed him to photograph human energy fields and he used this information within his medical practice to diagnose health issues. He then started studying crystals and measuring their energy fields. In Harry Oldfield’s Invisible Universe by Jane & Grant Soloman, Harry noted:

Crystals cause changes in brainwave patterns which can be measured on EEG monitors. If you hold a crystal in your hand the frequency of your own macro-molecules, which resonate a complex wave-form, can imprint itself into the otherwise regular oscillations of the crystal lattice. So the crystal’s electrons will move in regular fashion, vibrating exactly like your own macro-molecules. The crystal appears to copy your own specific wave-form.

You can see, our brainwaves are impacted by holding a crystal and the crystal begins to vibrate in a patter that matches your own vibrations – creating a relationship between you and the crystal.

A study was done by Standford University and Newsweek ran an article on September 4, 1994 about the ability of crystals to store information. Stanford University physicists created a device that allowed them to store information as a hologram within the subatomic structure of a crystal. In this case, the scientists stored and retrieved a holographic image of the Mona Lisa. They suspected that holographic methods of storing information could be 10 times faster than current systems since the crystals hold and store the information in 3 dimensions.

We see in these studies that crystals are able to match your vibration AND store this information for extended periods of time. Now we can look at how you create the relationship with the crystal to begin to ‘feel’ its energy.

You impact the crystals consciousness and the crystals impact your consciousness

Let’s go back to the houseplant example. There have been so many studies on houseplants and how they react to things like music, talking and other ‘non-vital’ inputs. (Vital being sunlight, water, soil, and other biologically necessary nutrients.) Check out this search on Google – you’ll get the point.

We’ve been able to measurably demonstrate the impact of the non-vital, non-physical inputs for plants. Crystals also absorb the ‘non-vital’ inputs around them – the conversations, the tones, and the vibrations of the people who handle them. In return, they take these inputs and amplify the energy back out.

Crystals work like computers – you give it a program and it will run with that program until you tell it not to anymore. It can get a ‘bug’ from being handled by someone else or being in a negative environment. And you can ‘erase’ the memory of the crystal to remove all programming and ‘bugs’ it may have picked up. (Check out the post on what to do with your crystal.)

Here’s a real world example.

Here’s how it works. I have a ‘money corner’ in my home. It’s the furthest left hand corner of my home, from the perspective of walking in the front door. In my money corner, I have a pile of cash and on top of it, I have a citrine point and a piece of hematite.

Hematite is a grounding stone (tethering things to this Earth) and Citrine is a stone of abundance.

I have programmed the hematite to anchor abundance into my reality. I have programmed the citrine with to bring more money into my life. And then, I spend time with these crystals. Each time I add money to the money corner, I mentally engage with the crystals and reinforce the programming and thank them for the work they do for me. The more time I spend with them and reinforcing the programming, the more they will shape to what I want. Just like the bonsai tree.

In a way, the crystal begins to act as a smaller part of you, always actively working and vibrating out what you programmed into it. Now, how do I know these crystals are actually impacting my consciousness and reality?

How do you know you have impacted the crystal’s consciousness? 

You may not feel any different after programming a crystal and you may question ‘does this even work?’ Did I feel silly the first few times doing this? YUP. 100%. I felt extremely weird and like a crazy lady, mentally talking to and holding crystals. Some days, I still do and that’s ok.

However, no matter how weird you feel or if you aren’t sure if it’s working, it’s working. You believing it happened isn’t a requirement for it to work. The crystal is a sponge and will soak up whatever energy you direct towards it.

I look for physical changes in my world after working with crystals. Why? Because this is a physical world and if I’m asking for things that will manifest physically, I want to see them. So in the example of the cash pile, I look to see – does that pile grow? Do I always have more than I need? Do I live in abundance and with gratitude?

By placing a program into the crystal, if you realize it or not, that crystal is vibrating back out to you what you put into it. Having a rough day? Take a piece of rose quartz, the stone of unconditional love, and hold it for a while. If you allow yourself to be still and have a quiet moment, you’ll feel more peaceful and the energy of the crystal will impact you.

Give it a try, give it time and see what changes happen in your life. In a future post, I’ll cover how to feel with your human senses the energy of a crystal.

Any questions? Leave them below!


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