Crystals and Consciousness – Part 2

DISCLAIMER – this post contains my thoughts and current “working theories” about consciousness and crystals. I’m not claiming it to be truth, but for me, right now, this is what makes sense. It may not make sense for you, and that’s totally cool.


I previously wrote about how crystals have consciousness and how to feel, understand and use that consciousness.

Recently, I’ve learned more about the nature of our awareness and consciousness and how that impacts our perceived reality. I say perceived because the more I learn, the more I question how REAL reality is. However, that’s a whole different topic for another time.

For now, I want to cover how to use crystals to draw into your life what you want.

We first need to agree or lightly accept (even if just for the duration of this post) on a few theories. Mainly:

  1. We create our own reality through our thoughts
  2. Where attention goes, energy flows (I love this saying)
  3. We are only limited by our beliefs

Take a look around at your life. Are you willing to accept everything there is because you attracted it? This is a big concept for most to comprehend and I fought it and questioned it at first – What about kids with cancer? What about people who have been abused or killed by horrible humans? What about things “outside our control?”

I’ve since come to accept that I’m not the personality I embody, but rather I am an eternal soul having an experience right now as this personality and physical body that is “Jenny” and I am able to learn through this experience and add back to my overall soul’s development. HEAVY STUFF, I know, but once I was able to accept this, I was also able to accept I chose everything in my life prior to this life. I believe I chose this experience. Why? I’m not totally sure, but I know I was, at one point prior to this life, fully aware of the possibilities and probabilities of what could happen in my life and I chose it.

I chose the bad things.

I chose the good things.

I chose my challenges, my personality, my gender, my life situation. I chose all of it.

Accepting that, I was then able to move on and not judge what’s in my life or in others lives. I even stopped feeling pity for others because I believe they chose the situation, regardless of if they are aware of it or not. I’ve had some terrible things happen to me in my life, but I don’t hold onto those situations – I accept them. I learn my lesson and I move on. Otherwise, I believe I’ll repeat situations until I do learn from them.

How many times have you seen a friend make the same mistake continuously? Or how many times have you done something repeatedly and become frustrated with a life situation you feel is out of your control?

HINT: It’s not out of your control. You keep attracting the same situation so you have another chance to master it and move on. So master it and move on! Welcome the chance to learn from the experience.

With acceptance comes awareness. 

This awareness allows you to truly tap into your consciousness and start to guide the path of your life. The thoughts you hold will eventually show up in your reality. Are you saving for a rainy day? I promise you, you’ll need that cash for a rainy day. Are you convinced you’re lucky? I promise you, you are. Studies prove this. Am I a master of this? NOPE. NOT EVEN CLOSE. But I work on it daily.

The thoughts, beliefs, feelings and energy you have about situations draws them to you. The way this works is non-biased. I believe there is no entity saying “Well, Jenny’s a pretty good person so let’s allow some good stuff to happen to her.” Rather, what I put out into the world I get back and that’s not just through my actions, but also my thoughts.

Since thoughts attract things, crystals can help with this. Crystals, with the consciousness they hold, can be programmed by you to hold an intention. What I find fascinating about this is on the scale of things on earth that have consciousness, crystals are on the lowest part of the scale. It goes:

  1. Humans
  2. Animals
  3. Plants
  4. Minerals (crystals)

As far as I’m aware, humans and crystals are the only 2 that can be programmed by other humans to hold certain thoughts. (Yes, you can be programmed. We all are – it’s human conditioning it’s done through our families, society, and media. Things like girls wear pink and play with dolls, christianity/mormonism/buddhism is the way to God, and America is the best country in the world. Did any of those get under your skin? Look to see where these beliefs come from. Chances are you weren’t born with them.) However, I do know that thoughts and energy can impact the growth and health of plants and animals.

So, back to crystals. You can program your crystal to hold a thought. And since those thoughts create things, it will help you draw to you what you want. It can reinforce your efforts and act as a reminder for you to keep your thoughts on track with what you want.

This is why it’s important that once you cleanse, charge and program your crystal you shouldn’t allow it to be touched by others. It will then absorb their energy and un-intentional programming.

I know I dropped some pretty heavy and far out there ideas in this post, but here’s the bottom line – you have nothing to lose by turning your thoughts and the intentions of the crystals you program to the things you want in your life.

Give it a try and see how it feels. And as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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