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The Physics of Crystals

Crystals are beautiful and have metaphysical properties, but I wanted to know more about HOW crystals exactly worked so I dug into the science behind them. This video was incredibly informative. It’s long and definitely filmed in the early 90s or late 80s and leaves much to be desired in terms of format, but it is full of information about the physics of crystals.

A few big take aways –

  1. You can create a basic motor using only a quartz crystal, a piece of mica and a copper wire.
  2. Pyramid shaped structures have a natural flow of energy that never depletes. Les explains at 39:39 how he created a very basic experiment anyone could try and proved how the shape of a pyramid impacts other objects.
  3. At 1:00 Les describes a pyramid experiment he did with a 30 foot pyramid and what the outcomes were. Essentially, he found the energy that flows within a pyramid structure is extremely powerful, to the point where it threw his entire body across a room. Sounds scary, but I want to recreate this experiment at some point. Harnessing this free energy aligns with the work of Nicola Tesla and would be extremely beneficial to humans.
  4. Crystals in the shape of pyramids will reflect light back 10,000 fold. He tells a (not so funny, but I still kinda smiled) story about someone who shined a pen light into a pyramid shaped crystal and it reflected back and literally burned his retina. And then this person’s wife ALSO did the same thing. (Darwin awards, anyone?)
  5. Crystals in the shape of spheres condense the light and reflect it out 1,000 fold. I personally experienced this last spring with a friend. We took a crystal ball into the woods and noticed the sunlight coming through the crystal would light dead leaves on fire. It was a pretty fun experiment!

A word of note – He opens up talking about God, and for some people that can be a turn off. Replace God with Universal Love, Supreme Consciousness, whatever you want to call it. Or, suspend any initial rejections to see what he has to say.

Les Brown passed away years ago, but his research is inspiring and with modern measurement tools, I would love to see someone pick up where he left off.

Crystals at The Wynn

I recently went to Las Vegas to visit my friend Courtney. She has a place in Vegas and knows the ins and outs of every casino, club and restaurant. We went to dinner one night and walked through the Wynn, her favorite place on the strip.

It is lovely in so many ways. It’s classy, whimsical and colorful. (Plus, did you know they don’t allow strollers in the casino?) I was also very pleasantly surprised to see large quartz points used  throughout the area by the Wynn theater. Check them out. (Click pic to enlarge)

crystals at the wynn

I bet Steve Wynn understands the power of crystals. Now, I wonder what they’re programmed with….


Welcome to Sparkle Shelf

Welcome to the world of Crystals. I’m Jenny Diggles and I started Sparkle Shelf so I could share the beauty, power and mystery of crystals. It is my intention to show people how to understand and identify crystals as well as how to practically use them in your life.

When I first started learning about crystals, I felt like there wasn’t a place for someone like me. I understand the energetic properties of crystals but I’m also not a total hippie. (Modern hippie, sure. But not crunchy hippie.) I am an entrepreneur and deciding to enter into the crystal trade was something I felt compelled to do on a deeper, spiritual level.

Unlike most of the startups I have been involved with, selling crystals is not about pure profits, growth and greed. It is about being of service to this world and offering something I think will bring positivity into others’ lives.

Sparkle Shelf is doing a few things differently than other crystal dealers:

  1. Sparkle Shelf takes time to photograph and measure each crystal so what you see on the site is exactly what you will receive.
  2. Each crystal is cleansed, charged and then pre-programmed with unconditional love so the moment you touch it, it’s ready for use. (See our Care page for more details.)
  3. We have a lifetime return policy. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your crystal, contact us for a refund or exchange at any time. All we ask is the crystal hasn’t been materially damaged.

I would also love to hear from you! If you have questions or comments or ideas of what you’d like to see, please reach out.