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Why Crystals?

I have lived in dense urban areas for the past 7 years, in places where I could walk out my front door and go to restaurants, bars, and be around total strangers. I have gotten used to the “concrete jungle” and am quite comfortable in it. I like the energy of people and the feeling that there’s always something to do.

But then there’s NATURE. She has the beauty of magnificent mountains, powerful bodies of water, bright sunshine, and the smell of fresh rain. Theres the ocean! Thunderstorms and lightning! Wild animals! Man, isn’t nature magnificent?

I was wondering why I chose to “get into” crystals and I think a part of it is to feel closer to nature, even while living in a high rise in the middle of a city. Crystals are an easy way to feel that connection with nature. Each is beautiful and perfectly formed in its own way by this planet.

IMG_4266These are a few of the crystals in my latest delivery of inventory. I’ll be photographing each one and placing them on the site soon. 

You can hold a crystal in your hands, appreciate the beauty it contains and immediately feel connected to the planet in a simple yet powerful way. It doesn’t require sunshine, water or attention (though they do like it). They draw people in, much like the outdoors do.

Perhaps I’m also drawn to them because I have knowledge of them from a past life. But for now, what I do know is they connect me to nature and for that I am thankful.

Crystals and Consciousness – Part 2

DISCLAIMER – this post contains my thoughts and current “working theories” about consciousness and crystals. I’m not claiming it to be truth, but for me, right now, this is what makes sense. It may not make sense for you, and that’s totally cool.


I previously wrote about how crystals have consciousness and how to feel, understand and use that consciousness.

Recently, I’ve learned more about the nature of our awareness and consciousness and how that impacts our perceived reality. I say perceived because the more I learn, the more I question how REAL reality is. However, that’s a whole different topic for another time.

For now, I want to cover how to use crystals to draw into your life what you want.

We first need to agree or lightly accept (even if just for the duration of this post) on a few theories. Mainly:

  1. We create our own reality through our thoughts
  2. Where attention goes, energy flows (I love this saying)
  3. We are only limited by our beliefs

Take a look around at your life. Are you willing to accept everything there is because you attracted it? This is a big concept for most to comprehend and I fought it and questioned it at first – What about kids with cancer? What about people who have been abused or killed by horrible humans? What about things “outside our control?”

I’ve since come to accept that I’m not the personality I embody, but rather I am an eternal soul having an experience right now as this personality and physical body that is “Jenny” and I am able to learn through this experience and add back to my overall soul’s development. HEAVY STUFF, I know, but once I was able to accept this, I was also able to accept I chose everything in my life prior to this life. I believe I chose this experience. Why? I’m not totally sure, but I know I was, at one point prior to this life, fully aware of the possibilities and probabilities of what could happen in my life and I chose it.

I chose the bad things.

I chose the good things.

I chose my challenges, my personality, my gender, my life situation. I chose all of it.

Accepting that, I was then able to move on and not judge what’s in my life or in others lives. I even stopped feeling pity for others because I believe they chose the situation, regardless of if they are aware of it or not. I’ve had some terrible things happen to me in my life, but I don’t hold onto those situations – I accept them. I learn my lesson and I move on. Otherwise, I believe I’ll repeat situations until I do learn from them.

How many times have you seen a friend make the same mistake continuously? Or how many times have you done something repeatedly and become frustrated with a life situation you feel is out of your control?

HINT: It’s not out of your control. You keep attracting the same situation so you have another chance to master it and move on. So master it and move on! Welcome the chance to learn from the experience.

With acceptance comes awareness. 

This awareness allows you to truly tap into your consciousness and start to guide the path of your life. The thoughts you hold will eventually show up in your reality. Are you saving for a rainy day? I promise you, you’ll need that cash for a rainy day. Are you convinced you’re lucky? I promise you, you are. Studies prove this. Am I a master of this? NOPE. NOT EVEN CLOSE. But I work on it daily.

The thoughts, beliefs, feelings and energy you have about situations draws them to you. The way this works is non-biased. I believe there is no entity saying “Well, Jenny’s a pretty good person so let’s allow some good stuff to happen to her.” Rather, what I put out into the world I get back and that’s not just through my actions, but also my thoughts.

Since thoughts attract things, crystals can help with this. Crystals, with the consciousness they hold, can be programmed by you to hold an intention. What I find fascinating about this is on the scale of things on earth that have consciousness, crystals are on the lowest part of the scale. It goes:

  1. Humans
  2. Animals
  3. Plants
  4. Minerals (crystals)

As far as I’m aware, humans and crystals are the only 2 that can be programmed by other humans to hold certain thoughts. (Yes, you can be programmed. We all are – it’s human conditioning it’s done through our families, society, and media. Things like girls wear pink and play with dolls, christianity/mormonism/buddhism is the way to God, and America is the best country in the world. Did any of those get under your skin? Look to see where these beliefs come from. Chances are you weren’t born with them.) However, I do know that thoughts and energy can impact the growth and health of plants and animals.

So, back to crystals. You can program your crystal to hold a thought. And since those thoughts create things, it will help you draw to you what you want. It can reinforce your efforts and act as a reminder for you to keep your thoughts on track with what you want.

This is why it’s important that once you cleanse, charge and program your crystal you shouldn’t allow it to be touched by others. It will then absorb their energy and un-intentional programming.

I know I dropped some pretty heavy and far out there ideas in this post, but here’s the bottom line – you have nothing to lose by turning your thoughts and the intentions of the crystals you program to the things you want in your life.

Give it a try and see how it feels. And as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


John of God Crystal Healing Bed

On Friday, my mom and I both tried a John of God Crystal Healing bed. My mom has some issues with her neck so when she was visiting this weekend, we checked it out.

My mom, me, and my niece Bella.

My mom, me, and my niece Bella.


I first learned about this bed through this article. I was intrigued after reading Harry Oldfield’s Invisible Universe and learning about the medical uses of crystals, especially in conjunction with light therapy.

The approach is straightforward – for 20 minutes (you can work up to 60 minutes at a time) you lay on a bed while 7 Vogel cut crystals are angled towards your chakras, or main energy centers of your body. Each light has a corresponding color that aligns with each of your chakras.

The instructions I was given were to be well hydrated, wear all white (even underwear) and to set an intention then relax and remain still.

For 20 minutes I listened to relaxing music and gurgling water while the lights flicked on and off, shining through the crystals positioned over my body. I wasn’t sure if I was going to feel anything, but a few minutes in, I felt a shiver of energy go through my torso and arms. I felt it move through my legs and then I lost track of time.

When Jeni, the owner of the crystal healing bed, came in to let me know the session was over, I felt like I was coming out of a trance or deep massage. It took me a few moments to re-ground myself and when I sat up, I felt completely relaxed and at peace.

Crystal Light Bed

The John of God Bed

For $30, I thought it was an excellent treatment option for anyone looking for a non-invasive way to treat their body on not just a cellular but etheric level as well.

I slept like a rock that night.

Has anyone else had an experience with this bed or other crystal therapies? I’d love to hear about your experiences!




Ethical Crystals

I’ve been thinking recently about how crystals are mined and where they come from. A few issues and questions arise in my mind, including:

  1. How were the crystals mined? By hand? Machine?
  2. Was the land destroyed or was its integrity maintained?
  3. What labor was used and were the workers fairly compensated?

Crystals are incredibly abundant on Earth and I don’t have a concern about depleting crystal resources on the planet, but I am concerned about how the mining practices impacted the land. I am also concerned about the labor used.

I recently bought a beautiful apophyllite crystal that came from India. Most of my crystals come from the US so I believe that those aren’t using child labor, but what about the crystal from India? What was the “cost” for that crystal to come to me in Portland, OR?

A photo posted by Sparkle Shelf (@sparkleshelf) on

As I think through this, I will be developing a set of standards that Sparkle Shelf adheres to in deciding what crystals we sell on this site. I want each crystal to meet a set of standards so I can ensure crystals you buy from us were mined ethically and hold the Earth and those that gather the crystals in high regards.

Because I love crystals and I love you! <3

Creating a Crystal Grid for your Home

What is a crystal grid?

A crystal grid is a placement of crystals in your home or in a room to beneficially use the flow of the crystal energy and natural energies moving through your home.

Why would I set one up?

Setting up a crystal grid takes only a few minutes (details below) and the benefits are huge. It allows you to put your crystals to work for you and brings positive energy and other desirable attributes into your home.

How do I set one up?

First, you’ll need crystals. A great starting place is this $10 Power Pack. This pack will get you most of the way there with a home grid. Here’s what you’ll need for a basic grid:

  1. Citrine
  2. Rose Quartz
  3. Clear Quartz
  4. Jade
  5. Carnelian
  6. Moonstone
  7. Turquoise

Next, make sure your crystals are cleansed, charged and programmed with whatever intention you have for them. If you want, write the intention on a small piece of paper and place it under the crystal.

Now you can place them. Here’s the basic placement:

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.43.49 PM


I live in a condo and my front door opens to a narrow hallway that then opens up to the rest of the home. I have small tumbled crystals placed in the corners and a clear quartz is above the doorframe. Be creative!

Also, while this is a grid for the whole home, you can apply the same grid to a room and accomplish this on a smaller scale.

Have fun!

How Quartz Crystals are Found

Ever curious what it looks like when a quartz comes out of the ground? Check out this awesome video. I tell people quartz crystals “come out of the ground” in their incredible formations, but it can still be hard to visualize.


Crystals and Consciousness

One of the most difficult things to figure out when working with crystals is how to “feel” a crystal’s energy.

It’s one thing to talk about the concept of energy and casually toss around that crystals help “amplify your energy”, but what does it actually mean? How do you understand the energy and use it for your benefit?

There are a few components to  ‘feeling’ a crystal’s energy so to start, I’m going to explain what I have learned and researched around the consciousness of crystals. I intend to keep this post as free of spiritual and metaphysical jargon as possible, while focusing on the practical application of crystals.

To understand crystal energy, you first have to understand they have consciousness .

I define consciousness as the energy that self guides and directs a living organism into its unique form. You can see consciousness at work in animals and plants as they self guide and grow. This same consciousness is at work in minerals as well.


As humans, we can help guide the consciousness of plants and animals around us, but they don’t require us to get involved. For example, plants grow without our help outside out home, but we can also bring them in the home and shape and impact how they grow.

By sharing your energy with a plant, the plant’s consciousness is shaped by your engagement. The size, shape and rate of growth will be directly impacted by you and the energy (time, attention, care) you give it.


An extreme example of human and plant interaction – the Japanese Maple in bonsai form.



…And a wild Japanese maple doing its own thing.








Not only do you shape the plant, but the plant shapes your existence too. Your life may be enriched through its beauty, purified air or edible/medicinal vegetation. The interaction with the plant becomes a relationship. This is even more obvious with our relationships with the animals we live with.

The same applies to crystals. They also have consciousness. They grow in distinct shapes, on their own accord and can grow into massive structures. Crystal growth isn’t as obvious to us as a house plant or a pet and once we have a crystal, we often forget that it is still a mass of teeming atoms vibrating at a specific rate. It has been removed from its natural environment so it may not have physical changes you can identify, but it is vibrating and consciously aware of its surroundings, in the same way a plant or animal would be. Side note: I  have heard reports of crystals developing new rainbows and inclusions. I haven’t verified this for myself, though. Let me know if you have experienced this! 

This consciousness has been measured by researchers and physicists. 

Harry Oldfield was a medical professional and a pioneer in the study of crystals and their scientific applications. Harry developed a photographic method called ‘polycontrast interference photography‘, or PIP. PIP allowed him to photograph human energy fields and he used this information within his medical practice to diagnose health issues. He then started studying crystals and measuring their energy fields. In Harry Oldfield’s Invisible Universe by Jane & Grant Soloman, Harry noted:

Crystals cause changes in brainwave patterns which can be measured on EEG monitors. If you hold a crystal in your hand the frequency of your own macro-molecules, which resonate a complex wave-form, can imprint itself into the otherwise regular oscillations of the crystal lattice. So the crystal’s electrons will move in regular fashion, vibrating exactly like your own macro-molecules. The crystal appears to copy your own specific wave-form.

You can see, our brainwaves are impacted by holding a crystal and the crystal begins to vibrate in a patter that matches your own vibrations – creating a relationship between you and the crystal.

A study was done by Standford University and Newsweek ran an article on September 4, 1994 about the ability of crystals to store information. Stanford University physicists created a device that allowed them to store information as a hologram within the subatomic structure of a crystal. In this case, the scientists stored and retrieved a holographic image of the Mona Lisa. They suspected that holographic methods of storing information could be 10 times faster than current systems since the crystals hold and store the information in 3 dimensions.

We see in these studies that crystals are able to match your vibration AND store this information for extended periods of time. Now we can look at how you create the relationship with the crystal to begin to ‘feel’ its energy.

You impact the crystals consciousness and the crystals impact your consciousness

Let’s go back to the houseplant example. There have been so many studies on houseplants and how they react to things like music, talking and other ‘non-vital’ inputs. (Vital being sunlight, water, soil, and other biologically necessary nutrients.) Check out this search on Google – you’ll get the point.

We’ve been able to measurably demonstrate the impact of the non-vital, non-physical inputs for plants. Crystals also absorb the ‘non-vital’ inputs around them – the conversations, the tones, and the vibrations of the people who handle them. In return, they take these inputs and amplify the energy back out.

Crystals work like computers – you give it a program and it will run with that program until you tell it not to anymore. It can get a ‘bug’ from being handled by someone else or being in a negative environment. And you can ‘erase’ the memory of the crystal to remove all programming and ‘bugs’ it may have picked up. (Check out the post on what to do with your crystal.)

Here’s a real world example.

Here’s how it works. I have a ‘money corner’ in my home. It’s the furthest left hand corner of my home, from the perspective of walking in the front door. In my money corner, I have a pile of cash and on top of it, I have a citrine point and a piece of hematite.

Hematite is a grounding stone (tethering things to this Earth) and Citrine is a stone of abundance.

I have programmed the hematite to anchor abundance into my reality. I have programmed the citrine with to bring more money into my life. And then, I spend time with these crystals. Each time I add money to the money corner, I mentally engage with the crystals and reinforce the programming and thank them for the work they do for me. The more time I spend with them and reinforcing the programming, the more they will shape to what I want. Just like the bonsai tree.

In a way, the crystal begins to act as a smaller part of you, always actively working and vibrating out what you programmed into it. Now, how do I know these crystals are actually impacting my consciousness and reality?

How do you know you have impacted the crystal’s consciousness? 

You may not feel any different after programming a crystal and you may question ‘does this even work?’ Did I feel silly the first few times doing this? YUP. 100%. I felt extremely weird and like a crazy lady, mentally talking to and holding crystals. Some days, I still do and that’s ok.

However, no matter how weird you feel or if you aren’t sure if it’s working, it’s working. You believing it happened isn’t a requirement for it to work. The crystal is a sponge and will soak up whatever energy you direct towards it.

I look for physical changes in my world after working with crystals. Why? Because this is a physical world and if I’m asking for things that will manifest physically, I want to see them. So in the example of the cash pile, I look to see – does that pile grow? Do I always have more than I need? Do I live in abundance and with gratitude?

By placing a program into the crystal, if you realize it or not, that crystal is vibrating back out to you what you put into it. Having a rough day? Take a piece of rose quartz, the stone of unconditional love, and hold it for a while. If you allow yourself to be still and have a quiet moment, you’ll feel more peaceful and the energy of the crystal will impact you.

Give it a try, give it time and see what changes happen in your life. In a future post, I’ll cover how to feel with your human senses the energy of a crystal.

Any questions? Leave them below!


So you got a crystal. Now what?

If you just got a crystal, you may be wondering “now what”? Or, you may have had crystals for a while but didn’t know really what to do with them other than look at them.

This post will give a high level overview of how to handle and use your crystals. Any questions? Simply comment or reach out to and we’re happy to help.

Step 1: Cleaning Your Crystal



With the exception of crystals shipped from Sparkle Shelf (where all crystals leave cleansed, charged and pre-programmed with unconditional love) the very first thing you will want to do is clean your crystals to remove the energy they absorb from the environments they have been in.


You will want to cleanse your crystal after letting someone else handle it or if its been in a negative environment. Cleanse your crystals if you’ve used them in any sort of healing or ritual involving another person.


There are many options to cleanse your crystal. I cover a few on the Learn page and here are a few that are super easy.

  1. Sea Salt Water or Sea Salt – Mix a few pinches of sea salt with warm water in a large bowl and place your crystals in it for 24 hours. Do not do this with any crystals that are lower than a 6 on a the Mohs hardness scale since they will start to dissolve. Look up your crystal online or on the Learn page to see your hardness. If it’s too soft for water, like Fluorite or Calcite, then put it on a thick bed of sea salt on a plate and let it sit for 24 hours.
  2. Dirt – Dirt won’t hurt. Bury your crystal in the ground or let it sit with a large (and healthy) houseplant for 24 hours. The natural energy of the earth and dirt will ‘reset’ the crystal.
  3. This easy simple trick – I learned this from Les Brown’s documentary and I use it all the time. It’s the fastest way to clean and reset a crystal. Take your crystal and place it on a wood table, a wood or concrete floor, or take it outside and do this on the ground or pavement. The goal is to ground the energy of the crystal with that of the earth and your body acts as the conductor.

Using your right hand, place the crystal on the surface and put two fingers on it (here, you can see my pointer and middle finger on a chunk of amethyst.) Then, prop your thumb on the surface to establish the grounding effect. Simply hold this for about 90 seconds. If you are in tune with your crystal and can “feel” when it’s done, it may be done sooner and you can release it. But if you don’t know what you’re ‘feeling’ for, hold it for 90 seconds and your crystal will be cleansed and reset.

IMG_9413Why does this piece of amethyst look like it’s glowing?


Step 2: Charging Your Crystal

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 12.42.22 PM


Crystals have inherent energy but like all living things, they need nourishment to really thrive. The one thing crystals love the most? Sunlight. Your crystals can absorb this energy to help you in the programming and use stage.


Charge your crystals regularly. By regularly, I mean about once a month. Some people like to charge them more. If I have my crystals on me and I’m in the sun, I always place them in the sun.


Place your crystals in direct sunlight, ideally between 11am-1pm when the sun is at its strongest. I like to place mine on a white towel to amplify and reflect more of the suns rays into the crystals.

Some crystals are said to lose their color in sunlight over time, but I have read contradictory reports on fading colors. A dose of sunlight won’t fade your crystals’ colors immediately (or perhaps at all) but if you feel like a crystal’s color is fading, switch to charging in the moonlight, ideally during a full moon. Same process – place your crystal outside in the moonlight over night and let it absorb the energy.

Step 3: Programming Your Crystal


Programming gives the crystal’s energy a direction and a focus. This is the real piece that makes the difference between enjoying the visual beauty of a crystal and putting it to work for you. You will never have a better servant than a crystal, so make that energy work for you!

Crystals are alive, like plants and animals. They seem solid and static, but they are dynamic and full of energy that is connected to 100% of the rest of the universe. This energy attunes to you and you can program your crystal with intentions through using your mind.

(You ARE telepathic and the crystal knows this, even if you don’t believe it.)


Program your crystal anytime you want to give it a purpose or mission. Program your crystal if you cleansed it and wiped any of the programming and energy it had absorbed.


Crystals each have their own natural strengths. I like to program my crystals with intentions that will jive with their strengths – for example, Rutilated Quartz is good for moving new energy into your life and busting ruts. If I wanted to drop the habit of eating candy, I would program my Rutilated Quartz with intentions to help me move into healthier habits and keep it close by when I have sugar cravings. But, any crystal can be used for any intention.

Important Note: Crystals do not discriminate or judge any of your intentions or programming, but I heavily caution and advise against using crystals for evil, greed or selfish behavior. They work at their best when they’re used for the benefit of others. Plus, Karma is real.

Here’s how to program. You might feel weird the first time you do this, but go with it. You don’t have to believe it worked for it to work, so don’t stress. Give it a try.

  1. Start by holding your crystal in your hands and sit in a quiet and comfortable place.
  2. Quiet your mind and take a few deep breaths in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Keep your eyes open or closed- whatever feels good to you.
  3. Start by filling the crystal with the feeling of love. Find the feeling of love through thinking of moments that bring you love and then feel the emotion stir within your chest. Visualize the feeling of love coming out from your heart in a glowing light and going straight into the crystal. This is important to do so the crystal knows all your future intentions and requests are always based on the backbone of love.
  4. Now make your request of the crystal. Let’s say you want to use the crystal to draw more money into your life. Visualize and imagine how you will feel receiving that money. Picture the checks, cash or gold bricks you want to attract and send this energy into the crystal, again visualizing it coming through your heart and into the crystal. Speak words out loud or mentally transfer those words into the crystal like “Bring me all of the abundance that is mine.”
  5. Now your crystal is programmed. If you want to reinforce the programming, write the intention or command on a piece of paper and place it under the crystal.
  6. Need help programming your crystal? If you need ideas of what to program your crystal with, ask us and we’re happy to help!

Step 4: Using Your Crystal

Now you get to use your crystal that is attuned to your energy and requests.


Why not use a crystal to help you? :)


Use your crystals all the time. Here are some ideas:

  • Put a crystal in your drinking water that’s programmed with health (one that won’t dissolve in water – so nothing below a 6 on the hardness scale.)
  • Place a crystal in the “money corner” of your home (far left corner of your home after you walk in the front door, or any far left corner of any room as you walk into it) that’s programmed for abundance.


    ‘sup, Benjamin. How do you like that Citrine on your face?

  • Program a crystal with protection and keep it in your car.
  • Place a crystal that will help with dream recall under your pillow.
  • Keep a Rainbow Fluorite in an active part of your home to help with cooperation and connection between family members.
  • Keep one in your pocket to remind you you are loved and connected with all of the universe
  • ….and the possibilities are endless!


The above listed ways and ideas are pretty straight forward. However, you can go deeper and use your crystals in meditation and use them to find answers. Since crystals are connected with the entire universe, if you have questions you don’t know the answers to, you can ask your crystal and it can retrive the information for you. The trick here is to learn how to ‘listen’. As humans, we like when things are direct and straight forward. Wouldn’t it be great if your crystal could send you an email? Or speak to you and tell you the answers? Maybe send an occasional text?

Since it doesn’t work like that, the more time you spend with your crystal and the more you learn to trust your intuition and the signs around you, the easier it will be to understand how your crystals work. They can help draw the right people, answers and situations into your life. Crystals can speak directly to you, if you learn how to hear the answers. It’s natural to want to discredit the ‘answers’ that may pop into your mind as figments of your imagination, but what if it’s not? Learn to listen to these thoughts.

What ways are you using your crystals? Let me know in the comments, or contact Sparkle Shelf. We always love hearing from you!

‘Extra-Rutilated’ Quartz

I was processing a new batch of inventory at Sparkle Shelf (which involves unpacking, a lot of ‘ooooh-ing’ and ‘ahh-ing’), then starting the cleansing + charging process, photos, descriptions, then getting them on the site .

During this, I realized how in love I am with the really Rutilated Quartz crystals and thought I’d share them here. I love Rutilated Quartz for its intriguing and wild beauty. When you look at one, it’s hard to comprehend how the crystal grew the strands inside of it and the variety between crystals is stunning.

Metaphysically, Rutilated Quartz moves energy through your life, drawing you into new situations and out of old ruts. Do you hate your job? Are you tired of your eating habits? Do you want to meet new people or simply want something new to come into your life? Get one of these crystals and see what happens. A word of warning – sometimes change comes quickly and it can be hard to process, but if you are ready for something new, welcome it. Change is good for you!

These are a few of the Rutilated Quartz currently available on Sparkle Shelf that I am mesmerized by. Click on any of the pictures to view the crystal on the site and additional photos.

Mini Red Rutile – This guy is teeny – just an inch tall – but full of reddish rutile and tons of energy. It feels like a crystal with a lot of ‘swagger’, if there is such a thing. Since it’s so small, it makes a great pocket crystal, which will improve the bond between your energy field and the crystal energy field.


Exposed Rutile- This crystal is super unique. The back of the crystal is rough and rutile is exposed (click through to see more pics) and when you look at it from the front, you see strands of what looks like golden pony hair. It’s easy to get lost in looking at it. I love the rough and rugged nature of this crystal.


Smokey Rutile – What I love about this last crystal is how the whole quartz is smokey. It’s essentially a golden smokey quartz with incredible rutile. It’s a crystal once I picked it up, I had a hard time setting it down. It’s gorgeous.


The Crystal Caves of Mexico

Want your mind blown? Check out this incredible crystal cave that was discovered a few years ago in Mexico.

The conditions within the cave are so extreme that humans have to wear protective suits to spend extended amounts of time within the cave. The scientists who have explored the caves estimate the crystals were formed about 300,000 years ago.

Our Earth is pretty incredible.